Raw & Real

It's been a little while since my last post and a lot has happened in both my inside and outside worlds. The experiences that have recently passed pushed every single one of my buttons and forced me to really dive deep into the reality of who I am and what I'm on this Earth to do. There was a very clear call to put a hold on my creative projects so that I could focus on and look clearly at myself with patience and honesty. I'm grateful for listening to that call for it has unearthed sobering insights and brought a few blind spots to light. 
One of my most consistent intentions for the past few months has been to honour and fully show up to my being. Sticking to that intention has proved to be the most challenging yet rewarding process I could have ever embarked on. It started with really being honest about all the places I externalized my power. Somewhere within my life a pattern arose in where I would idealize others and completely disregard myself. I was practically blind to the beautiful person who I was/am and would continually find myself in situations where I would be left depleted, hurt, and a stranger to the power which lies in my heart. This manifested in failed projects, companies, relationships, and even friendships. I finally had enough at the end of last year and made the long awaited decision to stand up and most importantly listen to the inner compass which has always remained connected to the truth of who I am. 
The first and most important step to making this decision real was to start saying no. I had to realize that saying no to someone or something meant saying yes to myself and my destiny. I changed my perspective from supporting others at the expense of my truth to supporting my truth for the betterment of others. This shift of perspective has given me a solid ground within myself to stand on, knowing that everything that lacks alignment will simply fall away, and that's OK! What saying no also did was create space for me to go deeper, or rise higher into my truth of being. With that space came another difficult realization that is ultimately vital to me being the human I have dreamed of being.
Last night I hit a breaking point after a couple dance classes.  I left the class with a very real feeling of anger within myself. The feeling of anger came from me realizing that there was a part of my mind distracted with thoughts of other people and a feeling of lack in needing love and affection. That distraction seemed to creep in and overshadow the well earned feelings of self accomplishment that came from seeing the talent and skill I have nurtured. I was fed up and utterly tired with distracting myself from my power. I had to use that anger to look at the illusion with honesty, focus, and compassion before saying enough and laying it to rest. Now I continue to remind myself that the six year-old me was independent, loving, confident, and complete in self. He needed only his own little heart beat and would undertake any quest with open curiosity and the intention to help.
I feel that all the experiences that have passed in the last couple years have been a symphony of events to unravel all the knots that held that six year-old me back. I've seen the importance of being sharply honest with our selves and using emotions as a guide to understand where we have been deluded. It is only through taking full responsibility for our thoughts, actions, emotions, and circumstances that we give ourselves the power to become who we wish to be.  Truth with compassion, fierceness with love, and honesty above all.

The little kid in each of us is calling out, and it's up to us to guide and help them grow. 

With Grace,



What a powerful word for us all, and one that proves to be a central theme in my life and the lives of so many others in this time. The process of releasing an identity to reveal something more truthful has no simplified handbook and requires a full surrender to the forces of creation. It asks us to boldly look within and allow whatever wishes to surface the space and presence necessary to be transformed. I write from personal experience and throughout the past few months I've been in a place that feels slightly out of time. A space of in-between where the worlds of the past have been mixing with the destiny of my future. My anchor has been looking to nature for guidance, especially the animals who undergo a full metamorphosis in their physical life. Each step along the creatures path is essential to the manifestation of it's final form.  I see this as the wisdom of patience, one that has been almost lost in the reward based culture most of us exist in. It takes a great deal of inner strength and discernment to navigate our human world while going though a process that is one of nature. The natural world has no clock and runs freely, completing what needs to be completed at the perfect moment.
Just like a natural birth, the process of a personal rebirth has its own intelligence and the journey to completion is often complex. Emotions, thoughts, and sensations can flood in and disappear only to return again for another round of processing. Perceptions of self and others can flip on a dime and then change again after a new perspective has been integrated. What a dazzlingly elaborate journey we have chosen to embark on beloved. Through it all I have learned that holing to a knowing of the grater process of rebirth softens the moment and instils a sense of trust while the hard work is being done. And most importantly, remembering that there are many other beings going through the same process has helped bring a layer of support and an inner determination for the collective journey.
If this entry resonates with you know that you are seen, held, and loved by me and the entire Universe. Something beautiful is unfolding, from deep within creation, we are being reborn. 

With Love,


Something is in the air on this beautiful west coast day. I feel grateful for the new sense of self taking form and for the wisdom gained since the start of this creative journey. Little did I know that so much would have to change within me for my vision come to life. And now, I write this entry remembering who I am, remembering who we all are, and remembering what I have come to do. With that I'd like to share a poem I wrote this winter during a key moment of transition, wishing you all strength and passion.


I am a spark of life in a sea of change
Boundless expression and a heart of gold
For years I looked outside myself
Searching to give it all away
Through the mess of illusion and pain
Something never died
That spark of life inside my soul
Beckoned to come alive
Cycles drew to a grand close
With a symphony to end
And now there lay that very spark
In the vastness of the cosmos
What is next I do not know
Humbled by my human mind
I visualize the spinning stars
The grass beneath my feet
That spark it yearns to be a flame
To ignite the hearts of many more

My chariot awaits



Much Love,



The past couple weeks have been quite the adventure for this little star seed. After pulling my back last week I decided to take a round off the writing to spend some much needed time reflecting and listening to my inner world. Somewhere in that space I was hit with a wave of energy that rippled through my being and is still thoroughly working it's way though me. I use the term wave because I literally had a dream the week prior in where I was swept up by the tide after attempting to go to a familiar place on a rock. Symbolic, eh? The metaphorical wave in my waking life has brought me to a new place of perspective and has given me a lot of compassion for my human nature. One of the main things that has cleared and changed is my outlook of my own self. It's as if the camera lens in my mind has been wiped clean after being fogged up for a long time. And now, with each passing day, I'm beginning to recognize and honour the skills, talents, and beauty that I had once been blind to.  All of this new found clarity is changing what I think is possible for my life at this time and patiently I allow the process to fully take hold. Wowza..
It baffles me to see how limited our worlds can feel based on viewpoints that are very removed from the simple reality. This realization is incredibly humbling and gives me even more compassion for all of humanity. I can only imagine what this world would look like if we were given a perspective that freed us from all perceived limitation. Imagining this gives me trust in the sheer power of complete transformation that lies within in each human. It shows me that a change of standpoint can fully revolutionize what is possible for an individual and the collective. Now the question stands; what is that game changing perspective? What piece of wisdom could transform the very way we interact with ourselves and reality as a whole?  Let's just say I have a hunch, but we'll have to wait and see how this story plays out.
In the meantime, I deepen my awareness to what is possible and allow any limitations to be swept up by the tide. I have a lot to chew on so I'm off to continue creating the costume for my next art piece entitled "The Birth".  I wish you all a beautiful start to your week ahead, let's be kind and love one another. 

Your Wolf,


Golden Arrow

The process of creation proves to be the most powerful instrument of growth in my life. Weather it be a work of art, a performance technique, or a piece of writing, it takes a whole pallet of personal tools and buckets of trust to bring a vision to life. One of the main hurdles I faced as a young creator was finding the true confidence in my own abilities and the discernment to choose where I put that energy. When I first embarked on a film and entertainment career path I was all of nineteen and had focus and drive to spare. After a series of divinely inspired events I made the difficult choice to leave the company and spend an undefined amount of time doing much needed personal work. Now that I've returned I can clearly see that all those twists of fate and tough decisions were an essential part of self understanding and recognizing my true creative power. Even in the moments where the dream was just a tiny flicker of light or invisible all together, I was still somehow on the journey to making my heart song heard. 

With all of this behind me I look to where I am now; swimming in a sea of uncertainty. I've once again been called to trust the timing of the universe and stand strong in my creative power. The challenge that I face now shows me two possibilities; whimper down and look for an escape, or rise up with focus and perseverance to reach new heights. Thanks to the perspective of the past I've found what I call a golden arrow within my heart. A vision so clear that it ties together the thread of practically all aspects and events I've lived through. With this arrow held in my core I know it's time to rise. And just like the heron I stand perched in the water almost motionless, waiting for the perfect moment to make a move. The uncertainty around me hasn't changed however my perspective and relationship to it has. I trust myself in deeper ways than ever before and I have faith in the divine timing of the Universe. With my focus clear and steady I stand tall with my golden arrow ready to aim. 

Much Love,


Seeds Planted

And so a new year begins! Even though I place a little more attention on the Winter Solstice, the start of a new calendar year always brings me a sense of newness and makes me reflect on where I truthfully am on the road to my destiny. A general consensus seems to be that the year which just passed has been a big journey of struggle and challenge in all areas of life for a lot of people. After going through my own walk of adversity I've come to realize the vital role challenge plays in any type of growth. A beautiful metaphor I picked up about this process was one of the planted seed. When a seed gets nestled into the ground it's first task of life if to push itself out of it's shell and then figure out a way though total darkness before it reaches the light. Seems pretty challenging for that little guy right from the start, eh? But once it hits the light it is blessed with all the energy it needs to grow into the beauty that was once held inside it's little package.

Just writing this is giving me huge perspective on what has passed for so many of us. Like the seed we have had to push ourselves out of our shells and comfort zones, dig our way through all kinds of challenge and doubt, and trust that the direction we have aimed for will see it's way into the light. I personally relate to that little seed quite a lot. My dreams and visions have been planted deep within the soil of my heart and I've pushed through my own shell only to be called to trust my heart's compass in more profound ways than ever. At this point I feel like I have just reached the first crack in soil. When the hardest part of the journey lay behind me and I patiently await the light of the sun that is beginning to rise through the twilight. For all of us that are in the same place I lift a prayer that we take this time to honour what we have been through. May we cultivate the strength, vulnerability, trust, and passion we have accumulated through the past and anchor those roots so that we may full embrace the gifts of grace that await us. 

From my heart to yours,


What a journey this time of year proves to be for so many of us. The season when all of nature slows down and the cold dark nights bring a sense of stillness to our beings. It's a time of reflection where we stand still in the space between what has passed and what will come to be. When I check into myself it's clear that this year feels very different than ones past. The past cycle has taught me just how uncertain and challenging life can be. It's shown me impermanence, tested my emotional resilience, and pushed me into making decisions for real change within myself. Now that the dust has settled, I can see the hidden force of grace behind it all. Although there were many difficult times, they have led me to a deeper sense of trust in myself and the forces that surround me.

I feel that there's only so much we can know as humans and I myself humbly surrender to the guidance and timing of the Universe. When I look back at the toughest times it's quite clear that a deeper sense of trust would have definitely helped me maneuver the situations with way more ease. And as I sit in the stillness around me I can feel the power that trust ignites within my being. The more I stay open to what the moment is giving me and free from doubtful stories, the more room there is for joy, clarity, and focus. As it stands I am not quite sure how the future will unfold, though I step forward with complete faith in myself and the grace of the Universe. 

May we all grow together, and as individuals, in trust, peace, and grace. 

Merry Christmas, 

Dreaming a Reality

What can I say, it's been a powerful start to the launch and new beginning of Vero Films. I'm beyond grateful and humbled by all the love and support coming from the individuals who feel the vision and wish to see it take flight. It's only been a few days in and I already know the trust, perseverance, and patience has paid off. The seemingly chaotic and challenging autumn really pushed me to cultivate a deep sense of trust in the universe and listening to my inner compass. Looking back on all that happened I can see how chaos is a needed force in creating a dream. It broke things down, mental, physical, and emotional, so that the new could come into form. Now don't get me wrong, it wasn't a walk in the park but having trust softened the experience to some extent. With a deeper sense of trust I see how navigating through other turbulent times can be approached with even more grace and ease. Big lessons. 

As this new chapter unfolds I call on the creative fire that lives inside my heart and the hearts of every human to boldly guide the way. My next passion project "The Birth" will be going to camera early 2017 and has been building for almost nine months now. I've embarked on quite the journey to bring together my passions for film, dance, fire, and storytelling into a music video piece that tells the universal tale of growth and the challenges that come with it. It's been a powerful process and I'm excited to allow the completion of it to take form. With love in my heart I wish all of you a safe and warm winter season, thank you again for all the support. 

In gratitude,


Trust & Change

The past few weeks have been quite eventful to say the least. With changes to living environments, life perspectives, and solidifying of passion all swirling into one big stew of change. Through the storm it's almost funny to see how perceived challenges can end up being the most freeing experiences once the density clears. There's been an incredible synchronization of circumstances that have buffered me into what feels like a grand "restart". I began the path of entertainment when I was still in high school and something deep within me knew that film and entertainment was my path. Eight years, two production companies, one career hiatus, and countless journeys and detours later, I've come back to the very place I started, my heart and Vero Films. Though, one major thing has changed; I trust the true creative power held within myself and the guidance of my inner compass more than ever. I've learned new skills and medicines along the way that round out my entertainment goals and I've gained a whole ton of wisdom through it all. 

It's a new time for me as a creator and I stand humbled and open to the opportunities afoot. With patience, trust, awareness, and love I welcome the new dance.