The Climb

With any vision, idea, or venture comes periods of challenge on the journey up the mountain. It's been almost two years since I took on the mission of manifesting Vero Films; a production company purely based on creating inspirational content that truly opens the gateways of consciousness and reconnects individuals with the natural world. The past couple years have been full of highs and lows with moments of ease and pure alignment, and other moments of grit and challenge. Somehow through this past year of intensity I have managed to create three short films that are all in the post production phase. These films are all rooted in delivering medicine through the medium of light and sound and have all taken an extreme amount of patience, trust, and perseverance to see their way through. In tandem with film I have also been nurturing talents in performance and have been shown that those gifts are a part of the grand vision of Vero Films as well. 
It's the moments in-between where I get a second to breathe and gain perspective on exactly where I am on this journey up the mountain to my dreams. It's quite clear that I couldn't have made it this far without the incredible love and support of my family, both blood and chosen. There have been many times where everything around me crumbled but I was held in the embrace of many loving arms who saw me for more than the challenges I faced. It only gives me more confidence to rise up through whatever comes at me as I continue to build and grow. 
I was asked a very intriguing question about why this blog is a part of a production company's website. The individual was confused by there being such personal stories connected to a company. I thought about this for quite some time and it became clear to me that in order to do something different, you need to do it differently. Vero Films is about the stories that move the human being. Stories that hit the heart and get to the bones of who we are and what we are capable of expressing though form. By sharing the personal stories I aim to invite people into seeing that Vero Films is a living breathing organism and that the journey to manifesting this dream has been just as rich as the final result. 
It's time for another growth spirt. As the wold enters the largest challenges in history It is up to individuals, companies, and organizations of truth to shine the guiding light.  
Through the greatest challenges we discover the power of who we are. 

With love,