The Big Change

There's been a feeling looming over me for the past few days. A sense of unrest and urgency that has called me to really take a look at how I am living my life. It all started with a trip to Mexico in January. I was flown out to film for a project but was given more than I thought I would receive from the experience. The trip and filming went smoothly but my time there gave me insight into a different culture and showed another face to the incredible injustice occurring in our world. The imbalanced distribution of wealth and the complete lack of respect for the Earth was clearly seen in the tourist filled streets. But what struck me most was the poverty of the Mayan people. This group of people are the direct descendants of the Mayan Civilization yet are so poor they can not even afford their basic needs let alone a bus ride to the ancient sites that their ancestors once thrived in. It broke my heart to witness such distortion and immediately reminded me of my purpose in life. It also showed me yet another example of the destruction caused by the colonial mindset. All over the world there are peoples who have been driven out of their homeland to make room for a bigger bully who will only take until there is nothing left. It's a story we've all seen and know but I am still taken aback by how the process continues to permeate the fabric of our reality.

After coming back home I attended a couple talks that in combination created quite the impact on my mind and emotions. The first was from a man named Malidoma, he’s been an author and teacher for longer than I’ve been alive, sharing the jewels that have been passed on to him from his African culture. His message speaks to the connection we have to our ancestors and the very real affect that relationship has on our daily lives.  The second talk was from none other than David Suzuki, world renowned environmentalist and the guy who was telling us about global warming back in the 80’s when no one cared to hear. Both of these men shared passionately and free of any care for what might be thought of them. They are both later in their careers and it was quite apparent that their sole desire was to wake people up into action. David Suzuki shared an analogy explaining that our earth is about to reach the maximum number of humans that the biosphere can handle. This means that the global ecosystem is maxed out and further growth of the human population will have devastating impacts on the planet and simply can not be sustained (system crash). This is a reality we are all going to start to feeling soon unless something is done to correct the massive oversight.  

Now going back to Malidoma, he said that after his years of meeting thousands of people in the modern world the main advice he has for all of us is to "grab the bull by it's horns". It is time to realize that we are the active players in the story that is unfolding and we must assume a postion of action to steer this world away from devastation. The passiveness he witnessed throughout the globe only grants permission for injustice and uncontrolled destruction to be the leaders of our future. It's time to realize we each have a unique part to play in the global and collective journey. Most may think that the issue is too big to create lasting change, but that mindset seems to be an excellent way to avoid responsibility for what an individual can in fact change. How can we expect a global culture to let go of ingrained patterns when we as individuals are reluctant to give up our social media habits? 

I've come to realize that the small changes really do ripple out into bigger changes and movement. I've also come to understand that the small changes we make are indeed instrumental in creating the bigger changes we wish to see in our lives. Letting go of old habits rooted in comfort creates space for new opportunities and perspectives to come in.  It also reclaims our power to choose rather than allowing our energy to be seduced and taken with our unconscious consent. And there lies the key. Our power. When we are at the helm of decision making we are in our power, and when we are in our power we can create big change.

I'm unsure of how many people allow themselves to feel into what is happening in our world. For if they did there would be a feeling of injustice impossible to shake. All of this has been very real for me and I've taken it upon myself to start making the small changes that I've been postponing, knowing that they will lead to personal power and the ability to create change on a bigger scale. For me it starts with waking up earlier, taking a break from coffee, and letting go of sugar. It's been a few days since I've made these changes and I have felt the impact on my overall well being and clarity. More and more power is returning, more changes are ahead, and I am gearing up for the big climb. Let's start this year off on a powerful note and make a change that will lead to something better. 

Wishing you all the honesty and clarity in all that you do.



Looking out from the top of a Mayan temple. Coba, Mexico

Looking out from the top of a Mayan temple. Coba, Mexico