True Love Way

It's the start of a new calendar year and even though the natural world is still in hibernation, there is a sense of something new rising in my life. A lot was revealed to me last year in both my personal and professional life. Blind spots, areas of improvement, strengths, weaknesses, and talents were all brought to the forefront in the symphony of intensity that was 2017. The dirt got stirred up and for a while it was impossible to see and understand why everything was consistently falling apart around me. Fortunately enough the silt began to settle near the tail end of the year and I can now once again see through the waters to where the river is flowing.

When I look back at the past few years it's clear that I have known what my potential as an artist and leader have been for quite some time. Despite this connection to my personal truth I have faced obstacles both inside and out that have obscured and delayed to actualization of that potential. I have had to hold to a trust that my fullest self was being created even when faced with the grit and pain of feeling drastically far from it. It's been a real humbling process to witness the various obstacles in my personality that have gotten in the way of that innate knowing held deep inside. Like a statue being carved from a block of stone I've had to patiently chip away all the excess density on the outside to reveal the master vision hidden from view. I know that this process is universal and that I am experiencing it on a personal level, present and willing to go the distance.  

The upside to this rather profound and challenging process is that there have been pearls of wisdom acquired from taking the time to understand where the blocks from inner truth come from. Childhood trauma, inherited genetic trauma, and social conditioning have been the major factors I've observed.  It's as if the trauma and conditioning experienced create a filter over thoughts, emotions, and actions that in turn create situations, relationships, and work outcomes that were rooted in pain rather than inner truth. Taking the time to understand and heal these wounds has proven to be beyond valuable in the creation of my artistic, professional, and personal dreams and goals. 

The grand vision I am creating with Vero Films and my performance career has called me to look at the hardest parts of my personality before the big dreams come to life. The journey has also proven to be the most valuable part of actualizing that vision because without the pain and challenge there would be nothing I could share that would really make a difference in the lives of others. A little wisdom story one of my mentors shared with me about the wolf comes to mind. She said that the wolf goes on his solo journey to sniff out pathways though unchartered realms and lands. Once he makes it back to the pack he shares the knowledge with the others so that they too can make the passage to the desired lands with safety and ease. I've always resonated with the wolf and have felt like the whole of humanity is my pack. So let's just say I've sniffed out some some epic trails and am excited to share with all my kin.

My next art film "Virtue" is set to release this February/March. This piece is very dear to me and shares the heart of who I am and what I stand for.

To a new time of exploration, sharing and creation. I'm excited to start sharing my art with all those who wish to receive it.

Your Wolf,


Screen shot from my upcoming art film entitled VIRTUE. Body art by Diego Pacheco.

Screen shot from my upcoming art film entitled VIRTUE. Body art by Diego Pacheco.