One year ago today I embarked on a journey of becoming. I told myself that I would spend the entire year focused on uncovering my truth and unwrapping the being I had always dreamed of being. It all started from a place of darkness, after all I had fell away and I was left feeling depleted and stripped of all my power. In that space something was lit, from the pain of loosing myself a call deep within my heart beckoned to come alive. I had no clue where to start but knew the first step was to make a choice for something different. I spent months in that darkness holding to a dream, a vision of who I felt I truly was. And as time went on small steps became clearer and I began to recognize the person looking back at me in the mirror once again. Forces beyond me brought medicine to help the process in forms of people, experiences, and most of all training in my own medicine path. The medicine didn't always taste sweet and I learned that having endurance though the challenging times was the only way I would see myself in the light of day. It has been the most challenging year of my life, pushing me beyond what I thought possible and as I write this in tears I feel the humble victory deep inside my very core. 

Last week I took a trip to the Kootenay's with a dear friend and have experienced what truly feels like the completion of this year long process. There has been a lot of beauty and at the same time many challenges that have pushed me to be strong in self-love and rise in emotional resilience. I've learned that emotions are the most powerful tool we have as human beings to connect to our truth. They can be difficult waters to navigate at times but they push us to grow and comprehend ourselves and the world in deeper ways. Emotions are a gift, they connect us to the true essence of being human and also give us the fuel to take action for what the heart calls. My heart is is my guiding light for it has proved throughout this year to be the truest voice and my best companion. Staying focused and connected to my inner world holds me in grace even through the heavy moments and precarious situations. I now begin this new cycle feeling reborn in self and ready for the next step. I want to give thanks to all the friends and loved ones who have been by my side throughout this past year. No person is an island and this year has proven just how much we need one another's support and guidance. 

With that I bow my head and open my palms to the forces of the Divine. I am here, ready, and willing to walk my highest path.

In grace,