Bold as Love

Oh the journey of love! What a magnificently puzzling and profound aspect of being human. The classroom of life has given me huge opportunities to really understand what it is to love myself, others, and the world in the purest way possible. The emotional boat ride has had it's challenging times but patience and intention have helped me navigate the ocean with a fair amount of grace. From this place I know that the journey of love is an ongoing evolution and that the capacity of the heart is truly infinite. Making the choice to grow into my highest form meant that my whole language of love had to undergo a huge metamorphosis. The process started off with really being honest with how I was relating to myself. With the help of the Medicine Path I walk, and the loved ones around me, I began to peel back the layers that were clouding the simple objective truth of who I was. That process required buckets of compassion as I began to realize all places I had sold myself short and hurt myself through false thoughts, actions, and perceptions. Holding myself in the purity and innocence of a child allowed me to be gentle with mistakes and interact with myself like a loving parent rather than an accusatory judge. 
The next step was stretching that heart muscle and extending that outlook to the people in my life. Where I would once accuse and judge, my heart knew that in that other person was the same innocent child that rested inside of me. If I actually wanted the best for them I would have to adopt the same space of a loving parent and fully accept and embrace all the aspects I found challenging. This was a serious heart workout and as the journey continues I know that the muscle will be worked and stretched even more. Oh yay. All that self work naturally rippled out to my interactions with others and it pushed every single one of my buttons (as hard as possible!) in order to get me to a true place of unconditional love.
The next question that came up for me was, "how can I create the most impact in the world with the love in my heart?" I'm a creature who feels everything, even the things people can't or won't feel for themselves. This is one of my gifts and it comes with an intensity of experience that can be all consuming at times. I've had many experiences in this life where the emotions and pain I have the capacity to feel have flung me into what feels like a transcendental psychedelic journey. These experiences have shown me the power of emotions and how, when felt with awareness and grace, can push us into newer levels of self understanding, purpose, and action in our lives. The sorrow and anger I feel at the core acts as fuel for my heart and my life's purpose in ways that are bigger than just me. So, back to the question I had of creating the the most impact with the love in my heart. With all the deep intensity factored in I've learned that the highest level of compassion is sharing the open hearted gifts of your being in freedom and joy. It seems like a paradox (cause it is..) yet it became quite clear that the only way to uplift another being is by shining and sharing the light of who you are with them. What a visual; from the perceived darkness we feel inside stems the power and fuel for the light and brilliance of our love. What a magnificently puzzling experience we all share my friends.
It's crystal clear that we must be all we can be and feel all we can feel. Emotions are power and we choose how we wish to use that power for the betterment of all. Know that I love you, and know that your love can change this world. 

Be bold, as love,