Coming Home

Spring has officially begun and with that comes the promise of new life and the beginning of a fresh growth cycle. The changing season has been a very clear and beautiful reflection of where I'm at in my own journey. The tiny buds and early flowers show us that from the desolate, cold, and dry, comes new life and the opportunity to rise once again. It makes much more sense to view this time as the genuine "New Year" for it is quite clearly the time when all of nature commences.
For those of you who didn't know, I've been learning and following the Andean Medicine Path since last spring, which is a linage of teachings stemming from the Inca and modern day Peru. This path has proved to be vital in supporting my process of shedding all that held back the truest expression of my self. Over the weekend (and in perfect time for the Spring) I partook in the final initiation of the medicine wheel which brought me from the North into the East. The East is the realm of the Eagle and Condor and is where the Soul takes flight, rising to the great heights of the heavens. Going though the process ushered in a huge amount of new energy into my life and has brought a lot of truth along with it. I was blessed with an experience facilitated by a dear friend that brought me to a powerful place of clarity within myself. I felt the beauty and gift of my own heart and was able to feel all the things I took on which were clouding that pure connection. It was sobering to say the least and has changed my outlook on pretty much everything in my life.
Since that experience I've been extremely present with any thoughts and emotions that pull me away from that centred place of self love and joy. It's been really eye-opening to see just how easily things can creep up and I've had to call in the wisdom of the Eagle many times to soar above the density below. The simple truth is that we are beautiful creatures capable of so much more than we could ever imagine. And when we hold that genuine connection to our being with an intimate link to self-love, grace and abundance flows readily into our lives. It takes awareness to catch the patterns but I'm learning more and more that joy is the ultimate tool to know whether we are connected to ourselves or not. Making your dreams a reality starts in the present moment and being in joy ensures that we create what truly makes us happy. It's been a humbling process and I'm excited to see what will unfold as I continue this path of self-love. My heart goes out to you all because I know first hand how challenging it can seem at times. However, it only takes a simple shift of perspective to be back on creating our lives from a place of joy. And when you're caught in the thorns, take a breath and call on the Eagle to see the situation from a higher place.

May the start of the Spring bring a new loving perspective to your lives. 

In grace,