The tail end of this winter is proving to be full of lessons for me. It's been a time of wrapping up and integrating all the experiences that the last cycle of the seasons brought my way.
As I continue building my vision I've had to become clearer and more honest with myself and all the ways in which I have been lying or hiding from the truth. That self-honesty has helped me see the world with what feels like a clearer lens and has been a powerful tool of discernment as I choose what actions, thoughts, and feelings I align with.
Most of us can feel when we walk down the city street that something isn't quite right (to say the least..) and I've learned that in order to understand what's going on, and how to help, I must first be in full and clear integrity with myself. It's a process that has taken time and patience to genuinely peel back the layers that have clouded my pure embodied self.  That type of honesty is hard to find in a world that is built on false appearances and which feeds distraction and diversion from personal accountability. I could go on but instead I choose to share a poem I wrote which comes from my response to the conflict I see in the world. 


When arrows fall, where will they land?
A leap of Faith and steady hand.
For when I boil it to the core,
The answer's clear, I search no more.
In the daze that spins the wheel,
I carve my path for the true and real.
The fires of our ancestry,
Have come to weave this tapestry.
Dare to look beyond the veil
Through the lies you made for sale.
Or does this type of honesty,
Cause your mind to drift in fantasy. 
I point this arrow first within,
To the only place I can begin.
The hunt for true integrity,
Has brought me honest clarity.
I see the challenge that does surround,
That wheel which spins deceit around. 
But as the masks drop one by one,
Thy Face of Truth is sure to come.
My plea to you is that you find,
Will to see what you left blind.
To trust the flame inside your heart,
The Pheonix burns, and now restart. 
I walk this Earth one step a time,
With eyes that slice the truth sublime.
For waiting in my deepest core,
Is an arrow poised in ancient lore. 

Be well,