What a powerful word for us all, and one that proves to be a central theme in my life and the lives of so many others in this time. The process of releasing an identity to reveal something more truthful has no simplified handbook and requires a full surrender to the forces of creation. It asks us to boldly look within and allow whatever wishes to surface the space and presence necessary to be transformed. I write from personal experience and throughout the past few months I've been in a place that feels slightly out of time. A space of in-between where the worlds of the past have been mixing with the destiny of my future. My anchor has been looking to nature for guidance, especially the animals who undergo a full metamorphosis in their physical life. Each step along the creatures path is essential to the manifestation of it's final form.  I see this as the wisdom of patience, one that has been almost lost in the reward based culture most of us exist in. It takes a great deal of inner strength and discernment to navigate our human world while going though a process that is one of nature. The natural world has no clock and runs freely, completing what needs to be completed at the perfect moment.
Just like a natural birth, the process of a personal rebirth has its own intelligence and the journey to completion is often complex. Emotions, thoughts, and sensations can flood in and disappear only to return again for another round of processing. Perceptions of self and others can flip on a dime and then change again after a new perspective has been integrated. What a dazzlingly elaborate journey we have chosen to embark on beloved. Through it all I have learned that holing to a knowing of the grater process of rebirth softens the moment and instils a sense of trust while the hard work is being done. And most importantly, remembering that there are many other beings going through the same process has helped bring a layer of support and an inner determination for the collective journey.
If this entry resonates with you know that you are seen, held, and loved by me and the entire Universe. Something beautiful is unfolding, from deep within creation, we are being reborn. 

With Love,