Dance In The Dark

If there's one thing I've learned from my journey as an artist it's that I am the sole driving force to making my dreams and visions a reality. Every day is a new journey with it's own set of challenges and distractions that require a type of long term dedication and focus to navigate through. At times it can really feel as if there are forces pushing against me, using every trick in the book to keep my eyes away from the beauty and love that my life deserves to be. Situations, environments, work, and other people can really trigger my emotions and distract my focus from what I truly wish to create with my life. 

The roller-coaster of day-to-day life can take a toll and progressively eat away at the motivation and hunger to create what we truly desire. It's a force of challenge that naturally exists within nature but it takes a good deal awareness and perseverance to see the other options available. A dear friend of mine shared this beautiful little phrase with me “where attention goes, energy flows.” After letting the words sink in I began to notice just how true they are. I recognized that when I began to think of a past situation that troubled me, or a stressful idea based in the future, it wouldn’t take long for my body language to change and for me to loose the connection with my innate power. It was almost alarming to wittiness in real time just how easy it was for one small thought to spiral out into a whole worldview of fear and suffering. Wild. 

Giving myself time to check into my breath and body first thing in the morning, and throughout the day, helps me calm the fast pace chaos of the mind to help me remember who I truly am. That remembering "who I am" is free of pasting a set of ideas and constructs together to form an identity, but rather remembering that through my heart I am connected to the infinite power of the universe, and have the ability to co-create from a place of love and excitement. Presence is simple however the mind is persistent. I am always humbled by how easy it is to loose that connection to self by getting lost in a stream of thoughts which disconnects me from a state of empowerment. We do live in very intense times but we can choose how we relate to the many circumstances that trigger us by having a solid foundation of simple presence in our body.  That then gives us a reference point to create boundaries from all the things that attempt to throw us off balance. From that place within ourselves we can feel out density in a rooted loving way, rather than ignoring or reacting to the difficulty. 

I share all this beacuse I have found that the my recent challanges have come from allowing emotions and thoughts to infiltrate my inner world. I’ve come to the strong conclusion that my inner space is for me and me only. Other people’s stresses and perceptions have no home within my body and if I wish to help I must first be clear and strong in my energetic, emotional, and mental boundaries. This clarity supports my ambition and drive in creating what love and opens the doors for opportunities of expansion to enter. One breath and one moment at a time. 

If you are having difficulties navigating the heaviness of the world or others’ pain and projections, remember that you are safe, clear, and powerful in the embrace of your own self. I believe in you and know you are worthy of a happy fulfilled life. Point your arrow and focus on the connection to your heart that will see you through the toughest times, and remember to smile, because life is indeed a beautiful thing. 


In peace, love and gratitude,