Golden Arrow

The process of creation proves to be the most powerful instrument of growth in my life. Weather it be a work of art, a performance technique, or a piece of writing, it takes a whole pallet of personal tools and buckets of trust to bring a vision to life. One of the main hurdles I faced as a young creator was finding the true confidence in my own abilities and the discernment to choose where I put that energy. When I first embarked on a film and entertainment career path I was all of nineteen and had focus and drive to spare. After a series of divinely inspired events I made the difficult choice to leave the company and spend an undefined amount of time doing much needed personal work. Now that I've returned I can clearly see that all those twists of fate and tough decisions were an essential part of self understanding and recognizing my true creative power. Even in the moments where the dream was just a tiny flicker of light or invisible all together, I was still somehow on the journey to making my heart song heard. 

With all of this behind me I look to where I am now; swimming in a sea of uncertainty. I've once again been called to trust the timing of the universe and stand strong in my creative power. The challenge that I face now shows me two possibilities; whimper down and look for an escape, or rise up with focus and perseverance to reach new heights. Thanks to the perspective of the past I've found what I call a golden arrow within my heart. A vision so clear that it ties together the thread of practically all aspects and events I've lived through. With this arrow held in my core I know it's time to rise. And just like the heron I stand perched in the water almost motionless, waiting for the perfect moment to make a move. The uncertainty around me hasn't changed however my perspective and relationship to it has. I trust myself in deeper ways than ever before and I have faith in the divine timing of the Universe. With my focus clear and steady I stand tall with my golden arrow ready to aim. 

Much Love,