Something is in the air on this beautiful west coast day. I feel grateful for the new sense of self taking form and for the wisdom gained since the start of this creative journey. Little did I know that so much would have to change within me for my vision come to life. And now, I write this entry remembering who I am, remembering who we all are, and remembering what I have come to do. With that I'd like to share a poem I wrote this winter during a key moment of transition, wishing you all strength and passion.


I am a spark of life in a sea of change
Boundless expression and a heart of gold
For years I looked outside myself
Searching to give it all away
Through the mess of illusion and pain
Something never died
That spark of life inside my soul
Beckoned to come alive
Cycles drew to a grand close
With a symphony to end
And now there lay that very spark
In the vastness of the cosmos
What is next I do not know
Humbled by my human mind
I visualize the spinning stars
The grass beneath my feet
That spark it yearns to be a flame
To ignite the hearts of many more

My chariot awaits



Much Love,