The past couple weeks have been quite the adventure for this little star seed. After pulling my back last week I decided to take a round off the writing to spend some much needed time reflecting and listening to my inner world. Somewhere in that space I was hit with a wave of energy that rippled through my being and is still thoroughly working it's way though me. I use the term wave because I literally had a dream the week prior in where I was swept up by the tide after attempting to go to a familiar place on a rock. Symbolic, eh? The metaphorical wave in my waking life has brought me to a new place of perspective and has given me a lot of compassion for my human nature. One of the main things that has cleared and changed is my outlook of my own self. It's as if the camera lens in my mind has been wiped clean after being fogged up for a long time. And now, with each passing day, I'm beginning to recognize and honour the skills, talents, and beauty that I had once been blind to.  All of this new found clarity is changing what I think is possible for my life at this time and patiently I allow the process to fully take hold. Wowza..
It baffles me to see how limited our worlds can feel based on viewpoints that are very removed from the simple reality. This realization is incredibly humbling and gives me even more compassion for all of humanity. I can only imagine what this world would look like if we were given a perspective that freed us from all perceived limitation. Imagining this gives me trust in the sheer power of complete transformation that lies within in each human. It shows me that a change of standpoint can fully revolutionize what is possible for an individual and the collective. Now the question stands; what is that game changing perspective? What piece of wisdom could transform the very way we interact with ourselves and reality as a whole?  Let's just say I have a hunch, but we'll have to wait and see how this story plays out.
In the meantime, I deepen my awareness to what is possible and allow any limitations to be swept up by the tide. I have a lot to chew on so I'm off to continue creating the costume for my next art piece entitled "The Birth".  I wish you all a beautiful start to your week ahead, let's be kind and love one another. 

Your Wolf,