Seeds Planted

And so a new year begins! Even though I place a little more attention on the Winter Solstice, the start of a new calendar year always brings me a sense of newness and makes me reflect on where I truthfully am on the road to my destiny. A general consensus seems to be that the year which just passed has been a big journey of struggle and challenge in all areas of life for a lot of people. After going through my own walk of adversity I've come to realize the vital role challenge plays in any type of growth. A beautiful metaphor I picked up about this process was one of the planted seed. When a seed gets nestled into the ground it's first task of life if to push itself out of it's shell and then figure out a way though total darkness before it reaches the light. Seems pretty challenging for that little guy right from the start, eh? But once it hits the light it is blessed with all the energy it needs to grow into the beauty that was once held inside it's little package.

Just writing this is giving me huge perspective on what has passed for so many of us. Like the seed we have had to push ourselves out of our shells and comfort zones, dig our way through all kinds of challenge and doubt, and trust that the direction we have aimed for will see it's way into the light. I personally relate to that little seed quite a lot. My dreams and visions have been planted deep within the soil of my heart and I've pushed through my own shell only to be called to trust my heart's compass in more profound ways than ever. At this point I feel like I have just reached the first crack in soil. When the hardest part of the journey lay behind me and I patiently await the light of the sun that is beginning to rise through the twilight. For all of us that are in the same place I lift a prayer that we take this time to honour what we have been through. May we cultivate the strength, vulnerability, trust, and passion we have accumulated through the past and anchor those roots so that we may full embrace the gifts of grace that await us. 

From my heart to yours,