Trust & Change

The past few weeks have been quite eventful to say the least. With changes to living environments, life perspectives, and solidifying of passion all swirling into one big stew of change. Through the storm it's almost funny to see how perceived challenges can end up being the most freeing experiences once the density clears. There's been an incredible synchronization of circumstances that have buffered me into what feels like a grand "restart". I began the path of entertainment when I was still in high school and something deep within me knew that film and entertainment was my path. Eight years, two production companies, one career hiatus, and countless journeys and detours later, I've come back to the very place I started, my heart and Vero Films. Though, one major thing has changed; I trust the true creative power held within myself and the guidance of my inner compass more than ever. I've learned new skills and medicines along the way that round out my entertainment goals and I've gained a whole ton of wisdom through it all. 

It's a new time for me as a creator and I stand humbled and open to the opportunities afoot. With patience, trust, awareness, and love I welcome the new dance.