What a journey this time of year proves to be for so many of us. The season when all of nature slows down and the cold dark nights bring a sense of stillness to our beings. It's a time of reflection where we stand still in the space between what has passed and what will come to be. When I check into myself it's clear that this year feels very different than ones past. The past cycle has taught me just how uncertain and challenging life can be. It's shown me impermanence, tested my emotional resilience, and pushed me into making decisions for real change within myself. Now that the dust has settled, I can see the hidden force of grace behind it all. Although there were many difficult times, they have led me to a deeper sense of trust in myself and the forces that surround me.

I feel that there's only so much we can know as humans and I myself humbly surrender to the guidance and timing of the Universe. When I look back at the toughest times it's quite clear that a deeper sense of trust would have definitely helped me maneuver the situations with way more ease. And as I sit in the stillness around me I can feel the power that trust ignites within my being. The more I stay open to what the moment is giving me and free from doubtful stories, the more room there is for joy, clarity, and focus. As it stands I am not quite sure how the future will unfold, though I step forward with complete faith in myself and the grace of the Universe. 

May we all grow together, and as individuals, in trust, peace, and grace. 

Merry Christmas,