The Build Continues

Just over three weeks have passed since the idea of re-launching Vero Films was created. The full vision of it's potential is starting to open and it's been quite the journey to prepare ourselves for what we see to come. It's quite apparent that we are setting out to create more than just a production company. With a couple other big projects slowly taking shape, the potential for them to work together, as well as the grater community of creators, is very real and exciting to say the least. As we watch the drama unfold on the global stage we clearly see that the timing for a new story is now more than ever. We trust and know there is a human experience beckoning our attention that is more whole and magical than we could ever conceive. This is our calling. This is what we are set on unearthing from the soil under our feet and the stars above our eyes. Timing is on our side as we all walk patiently towards the new dawn. 

With Love,

Vero Films